Thursday, 6 October 2011

Balloon race great party and fundraising idea

                                                                         1,2,3 race !
 A couple of weeks ago it was E's 3rd birthday with a Ben and Holly's little kingdom theme. You may remember he helped me make the Gaston ladybird cake and pass the parcel featured in upcyling wallpaper post!

 The weather in the UK being so unpredictable for a garden party and our house (as we found out last year)is just is not big enough to hold 10 toddlers and 20 adults. So we decided to hold his party at the local leisure center which  amazingly worked out cheaper than having it at home was less stressful and someone else clears up the mess.

 It did however seem a shame to not be outside if it was a nice day so we added a twist after the party if the weather was good we would go to the park for a balloon race.

  The party was a real success having it away from home was a winner as i was able to spend time with the birthday boy instead of spending half the day making food and the other half clearing up.

 The weather was kind to us and after the party everyone made their way to the field next to the park for a balloon race which was a real hit the children were so excited watching the balloon's soar through the sky on a clear September day. Once the balloon's were out of sight the children all ran to the park and everyone spent another hour together enjoying the last few rays of summer.

 A couple of weeks have passed and already the party seems like a distant memory and had given up hope that any balloon's would be found or that anyone would  contact me. Then suddenly today i had several lovely emails from kind people who took the time to reply one even gave me the exact map reference point. So far the winning balloon is Josephs that made it all the way to West Sussex and was found on the 5th October. The birthday boys balloon is still out there somewhere waiting to be discovered so keep looking.

 In the past week i have been blown away several times by human kindness, first my town turning pink for breast cancer, then other blogger's coming together to turn their blogs pink and now strangers taking time to complete a little boys party game .

 Maybe if the ballon race has inspired you i have added a link for a company that do ballon race packs and are kind to the environment. A ballon race can be another great fund raiser to bring a town together maybe hold a pink ballon race for breastcancer awareness.

Thought of the day...........  small gestures can make a big difference

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Turn your blog pink to support breastcancer awareness

Breast cancer awareness month

    My home town of Witney turned pink for a day to help raise awareness and funds to help fight a disease that effects so many families every day. It was fantastic to see retailers pulling together and turning their windows pink . This window display at church green cafe in Witney wins my vote for best window and sums up how we all feel about the disease "pants to breast cancer ".


Many retailers were donating profits for anything pink purchased and the shake shop had pink specials where  we ordered a titilicious!

 As well as the shops  there were lots of fund raising activities dotted round the town such as biscuit decorating, lucky dip and various stalls.

A fantastic day in the October sunshine supporting a great cause, why not get involved and do something pink this month.

I know what effect cancer can have on peoples lives my husband is lucky to be here today having survived stomach cancer. My best friend has lost both her mother and father to cancer in the last six years. Charities such as against breast cancer are doing fantastic work supporting families and raising funds and rasing awareness for early detection.

To help raise awareness for such a great cause please help by turning your blog pink for October. You could have a pink theme or maybe write about an event your hosting  or how breast cancer has effected your life.

Please take time to have a look at the against breast cancer link below as early detection of the disease is really vital.You can  find  important information on what checks to make.

I have asked five friends  to turn their blogs pink and to pass the baton on to five more friends and to link back here.

Everyone welcome to join in link back here your pink blog post xx

Thought of the day ............................ get involved and change lives