Friday, 6 January 2012

Make your own art and Personalise your space with your favorite quote

Inspired by the old bus canvas signs subway art / typography is a lovely finishing touch for any room. 

I love quotes  how lovely to have in your home something on your wall to see everyday that inspires you and is personal to you.

I really wanted to have ago myself so i searched the Internet and found a wonderful tutorial on a lovely blog called clean and sensible where she shows step by step how to make one yourself.

I don't have a silhouette cutter as is used in the tutorial so i ordered pre cut vinyl letters such as number plate stickers. I painted each canvas shown in the photos first with a lighter coloured base coat varying the shade in places to give the worn look when later revealed.

Once the base coat had dried I then carefully spaced the vinyl letters and painted over the top in the same tone but darker shade than the base. I did not add the paint too thickly or evenly as i wanted a vintage look. Once dry carefully remove the letters.

The parchment colour one seemed to need more of a feel of aged paper so once dry i added more of a vintage feel by dabbing with a tea bag to finish off. This was a special order for a friend who runs a Biscotti company she is great at baking but did not fancy making her own.

You can play around with colour  give more of a hand made feel by adding detail round the lettering like stitching. The possibilities are endless and a really unique finishing touch for the home that you can make yourself to perfectly compliment your colours and style.

If you don't fancy having  a go at making your own i have also found some very lovely inexpensive ones at Bill and Betty's that are definately worth a look.

I hope i have inspired you please feel free to comment and follow me as i love to get to know fellow bloggers x

Thought of the day .....................  Things happen for a reason !


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