Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday scrapbook my week in photos

This has been a bit of a hectic week again our house move is just a week away so i feel i have spent more time looking in boxes than looking through a camera Lens taking photos for my Sunday scrapbook.

I was however pleasantly surprised as this week i received a lovely box  one that needed opening rather than packing and that contained something lovely that i was very much in need of..............

 I  never win anything so no one was more surprised than me that i won this lovely pamper box from pamper Witney on twitter . I think this is a wonderful business  so i re tweeted the competition as i thought it was something my followers would be interested in not expecting to win myself. I know all us ladies need a bit of pampering so the ladies pamper parties caught my eye as what a lovely way to get together with friends.

So i opened my lovely box and it was full of pampering goodies that gave me the perfect excuse to have that long bath i have been promising myself. The grooving mums will be proud i relaxed for well over an hour and even took a book in the bath something i used to do but have not done since my little boy was born.

Well ladies i recommend it delegate the childcare for at least an hour and re discover the lotions and potions in the bathroom. I returned from my pampering feeling like a new.... well less frazzled women.

I did have to make one compromise though there was a box of chocolate in my pamper box and i bribed my husband and little boy with it. The deal was they could have the chocolate if the promised to stay in the lounge and quietly watching a film no banging on bathroom door no matter what!!

My next photo for my Sunday scrapbook is a photo of what happened to wise old owl! I was playing around on my sewing machine a couple of weeks ago and made a little owl  but i did not know what to turn him into, this week i got the sewing machine out for one last run before packing it away and made him into a note book cover with a little pocket for loose bits of paper and a place for my pen. I'm not convinced i have that many wise words but at least now if the moment strikes me i have a place to jot them down.

My final photo that sums up my week in photos is this picture of little E in our very empty hallway with his coat on. Our current home does not feel like home now as its all pretty much packed away and we are just waiting to move on to the next chapter in our lives. When we have not been packing we have tried to get out as much as possible even if just a walk to the shop. Anyone who has moved home with a child of this age will understand this they start to get unsettled want to keep unpacking the boxes and are just too excited about the big van that will soon be on the drive !!

That's my week in pictures, hows your week been please feel free to link up a post anytime that reflects your week in pictures.

Its lovely to hear from you so don't be scared to say hello leave a comment in the box below xx

Thought of the day .............. All packed up and nowhere to go


  1. How exciting to be mentioned in a Blog post!! You are truly welcome. It sounds like the prize went to the right person at the right time! And I love the notebook cover- beautiful! Hope all goes really well with the move- I look forward to following it on here :) x

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the idea of bribing husband and child with chocolates so you can have a major pampering session. Really cool idea - I will definitely be trying it!!

    CJ x

    1. Its a small price to pay for a lovely pamper session i think chocolate box will become part of my weekly shop!
      Cat x

  3. I love your notebook cover. I wish I could make something like that! So pleased that you got some 'me' time amidst all the packing chaos. Good luck with next week's move x

    1. Thankyou xx you never know i may get you into sewing yet! Once we are settled i may start making more things and maybe try selling on wow thankyou.
      Hope the renovations are going well for you x