Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Look who's home for Christmas

I'm going to let you into a little secret ............... Santa has some extra special helpers this year as well as the usual Elves he also has the flower fairy's to assist him in delivering presents on time. 
Flower fairy's are fantastic they deliver lovely flowers but are equally good at delivering favourite bears home in time for Christmas.
I think we can safely say that a certain someone is very very very pleased with his new found Frankie!! A big thank you to the wonderful people at inter flora who really showed lots of Christmas spirit and helped to  #findfrankie .
New Frankie is full of Christmas spirit and is safely tucked up in the warm tonight and is not allowed out of the house untill fitted with a teddy bear tracking device !!
We hope original Frankie is safe and warm and that he too will find his way home soon as there is plenty of room at our inn.  Keep your eyes peeled for him and  if you do spot a little lost bear please help him find his way home.
Thank you again flower Fairy's the man in the red suit takes the glory but he is nothing without you his flower helpers making people smile xxx 


  1. So glad that E found his friend again. Well done to the people at interflora, that's what you call good customer relations.

    How are you feeling now? Hope everything is improving health wise. Have a lovely Christmas. x

    1. It really is great customer service isn't it.

      Really Lovely to hear from you hope youe well,im getting there thankyou waiting for a more detailed mri in jan to find out a bit more.

      Have a wonderful christmas lots of updates coming soon i promise xx

  2. I am absolutely thrilled! How brilliant is that!? Brought a tear to my eye :)

  3. Its lovely to have a happy ending, i was really touched by the kindness bought a tear to my eye too x