Friday, 7 December 2012

Please come home Frankie we miss you !!!

Have you
 seen this bear??
He is called Frankie and we would really love to have him home in time for Christmas but despite our best efforts of retracing our steps he has been lost somewhere in Witney for weeks.
 He went missing over a really busy weekend of doctors appointments, birthdays, shopping and viewing houses. Little E is really distraught and weeks on he still asks for Frankie as they have been together since birth.
 I had given up hope of finding the original one so started looking for a replacement but again was not having any luck as the design has changed since 2008.
I contacted the lovely people at inter flora as Frankie originally came with a beautiful bouquet of flowers as mum and baby gift. They have been amazing and through the power of social media and lovely people re tweeting and looking we have found two replacement bears. I have been overwhelmed by peoples kindness and going out of there way to help us.
We are really pleased and looking forward to the new Frankie arriving through the post soon.
Original Frankie is still at large but you never know the power of social media the real Frankie may still make it home too in time for Christmas to join his new found brother.
Maybe he is snuggled up on the sofa of one of those houses we viewed!!
Thank you to all the lovely people that helped and everyone who is still searching for Frankie.xx xx

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