Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A horse and cart would be quicker

I am just writing a quick post this evening before i lose Internet access for a couple of weeks. We are led to believe we live in modern times however it would appear its going to take orange at least two weeks to reinstate our Internet into our new house !!!

I am sure if i was alive 100  years ago a loaf of bread would of been delivered faster by horse and cart from lands end to John O Groats! We have let large company's take over the world and we seem to of taken big leaps forward with the technology and giant strides back with  customer service.

Good old fashioned customer service does exists thanks to the independents and small businesses and i support these as much as i can.

 I still use a milkman and what a superhero he is no matter how early little E is up and no matter what the weather he never lets me down. He stocks all sorts i just leave a note out and get anything from bread to compost delivered to my door while i sleep. This is far more convenient than a supermarket and far less stressful!

I don't know about anyone else but the supermarket is the most stressful place on the planet for a mother. I always feel like the woman in the advert that throws the tantrum on the floor while the toddler looks on bemused.

I remember when i was small visiting the independent green grocer, butcher etc with my mum and if i was good we went on to the newsagents for penny sweets. I was of course a little angel in the boring shops to make it to the news agent. Roll forward to 2012 and a mum does not stand a chance with sweets at till points and towers of crisps as soon as we walk in.

Little E had a major tantrum about a Easter egg just inside the supermarket front door a mere week after Christmas, why do i need an Easter egg four months before the event ?  I'm still recovering from mince pies!

 Anyway i refused little E a treat as he had been so naughty and while i was distracted paying he took a chunk out of a kinder egg at the till in a brave attempt to get his own way. Please supermarkets help us mums out and put something useful by the till everyday essentials that we may of forgotten when we dashed past the aisle running after the escaping child.

I really want to see this year what other great small businesses are out there to make life easier like my milkman does. I'm really looking forward to trying new things and supporting local business and breaking free from the old routine.

Although i won't be able to reply for a couple of weeks its always lovely to hear your comments and stories and i will catch up again on the other side!!

Thought of the day ...................  Good old fashioned service !


  1. All the best with the move

  2. I love your memories aboiut going to the green grociers and butchers with your mum, I have strong memories of this or rushing to the post office before it shut for Wednesday afternoon closing. I also agree with all you say baout what supermarkets do with sweets by counters, as a mother you are sometimes so fraught by the time you reach the till you give in far too easily. I also hate those ball machines that require £1 and they get a plastic ball with a cheap little toy in. My 8 year old is obsessed with them and now he can reach his money box I have discovered he is taking the odd £1 here and there and then appears next to me with his prized ball. Last shop I did was on-line but I have just discovered a green grociers so plan to start spliting my shop now.
    I have just had a quick look over your blog and love all your interior design posts, your son's bedroom is gorgeous.