Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Listography favourite mugs

Listography has given me another excuse to encourage you to pop the kettle on and join me for a cup of tea!! Here are my favourite mugs to hold that perfect cuppa and ideal for dipping those top 5 biscuits into.

1. My favourite  is a very special one of a kind keepsake mug that i was given on my first mothers day. It means a lot to me that my husband was really thoughtful and took my little boy to get his hand print done and have it painted with happy first mothers day. I love this mug very much but don't use it very often as I'm scared to break it and would never be able to replace it. So instead of holding tea i guess this mug holds my heart.

2.   My next favourite is a simular mug that belongs to my husband that i bought for him when i was pregnant and for some bizarre reason i put it in my hospital labour bag. I'm not quite sure what use i thought it would be in the labour ward! but i thought it would be sweet for him to get a present for all his huffing and puffing lol. Needless to say it nearly got broken before he received it when he was frantically emptying out the bag for the really needed items. However it survived and gave him a chuckle at the appropriate time and lightened the mood of a very fraught labour.

3. Next are my everyday mugs they are not very exciting but they are the perfect comfort mugs. That sounds a bit mad i know but a comfort mug is a decent sized chunky mug with a rounded bottom!  This style of mug holds the perfect amount of tea and its comforting to warm your hands round !

4.  The next choice is the last remaining one in a set we had of Jamie Oliver mugs. I loved these again comfort mugs with witty quotes on such a shame we are a clumsy bunch and the others met a sorry end. This one is always the one i put by the kettle last thing at night ready for a morning cuppa. I'm not a morning person and i need a cup of tea to turn me from monster into Mummy.

5.  Finally is my better be an angel and detox a bit mug! I love the design on this mug its a bone china smaller mug that i had as a gift its an ideal herbal tea mug for those days when i feel i need to be a little angel and ease off the caffeine.

I hope you enjoyed your tea with me its always lovely to hear from you feel free to comment and say hi and if you would like to have a go at your own listography hop over to and join in.

Thought of the day................. Tea makes everything better xx


  1. I love the Mummy & Daddy mugs, they are so lovely!

  2. I love the first mum, what a gorgeous thing to cherrish

  3. I love the first mug too. I did similar ones for granny & grandpa Christmas gifts but think I should get one for me to keep too.