Saturday, 21 January 2012

Mood boards inspired by elemental design trend

The room set

This week with the move to the new house just over a week away i managed to steal a few moments  from the packing to think about the feel i would like for the new home. I did get a raised eyebrow from my other half when amidst all the chaos i sat down with a cup of tea and pile of magazines and flicked through them at lightening speed tearing pages out. The reason i flick through at lightening speed is at this stage i am just trying to get a feel for what I'm drawn to rather than getting hung up on actual item choices.

Mood boards are a great idea when planning a new scheme as you can play round with colour and pattern see how things look together without any financial out lay. I like the flexibility of the changeable mood boards and starting with photographic images as the photos can be taken away and replaced by actual samples as and when you find them. To get the best overall feel use smaller samples of accent colours and larger ones of bigger items as this will give a better representation of the overall scheme as in proportion.

I have not concentrated here on one room i have just tried to create the feel for the whole house i think this is a good idea even if you are only decorating one room as a house needs to flow as a whole as this gives a sense of space. Thinking about the house rather than individual rooms also gives flexibility as items can be moved from room to room when you fancy a change around.

We are working on a tight budget so there are a few things we have in our current home that will need to be incorporated into the new scheme. Often though when items are put into a different room it gives them a new lease of life. When buying investment items such as sofas i tend to play safe and buy natural colours or classics such as brown leather as accent colours can be added with cushions and throws to get the desired look, these can then be replaced in expensively if you fancy a colour up date.

Inspired by the elemental design trend i have worked with the colours of nature as i love the idea of bringing the outside in. Home should be a place to relax and unwind and i cant think of anything more calming the great out doors. A small room can instantly feel bigger if the colour palate used takes your eye beyond the room to the garden outside.

Each room will have its own identity but when the three boards are put together you can see that although different colours are used the elemental inspiration from nature allows a flow around the whole home and will make it easier to move items form room to room to ring the changes.

There you go i have given everyone a good excuse now to sit down with a cuppa and flick through some magazines all in the name of research. If there are no magazines to hand or the Internet is more your thing i have also found a great site called my deco where you can create virtual mood boards on line

Its always lovely to hear from readers so please feel free to leave a comment or share your ideas.

Thought of the day....................... Get inspired


  1. Love the peaceful colours, and what you say about thinking about the house as a whole, instead of separate rooms.

    Food for thought for our move!

    Thank you for some great ideas -here come the scissors and magazines!


    1. Hope the move goes well its definately worth making a space look bigger when your trying to sell.
      Most important design tip though.......... put the kettle on and make that cuppa xx

  2. Absolutely brilliant!! I so need to make these for the extension. I too sit and rip out pages from magazines- I have a file of things I like, but I need to arrange them like this. Thank you- truely inspiring! xx
    p.s. Love your mood boards- think we have very similar taste :)

    1. Thankyou xx Its definately worth putting the pictures up rather than in files as the more you look at the pictures in passing the more the boards evolve.
      If your stuck with anything give me a shout and i will try to help x

  3. Fabulous post. There are so many helpful tips here. I've got a stack of magazines here that I've been flicking through and it's hard as we're trying to do the whole house all at once! Really like the idea of putting all the boards together to get an idea of how it will flow throughout the house. I also will stop putting post it notes on the pages now and try and actually make some boards! Thank you x

  4. So pleased you found the post helpful, it can feel a bit over whelming when you have lots of rooms to do but looking at it as a whole first then concerntrating on one room at a time should really help you. Looking at the boards when in chaos also helps keep you going as you can visualise it finished... light at the end of the tunnel xx