Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday is scrapbook day

Along with many others i started project 366 on new years day to take a photo a day to record a year in the hope of having a lovely record of a year and improving my photo skills. I hope to manage a photo a day but at the very least take more photos so that i don't miss a precious moment as once gone we can never get a moment back. 
Welcome to Sunday scrapbook a link up to celebrate whats been going on this week a show and share for everyone wanting to show off their photos and celebrate the week just passed. There are no rules put as many or as few photos as you wish with a write up if you want to or just let the photos do the talking.  Although there are no rules obviously keep it clean this is a family site and I'm not that kinda girl !!

This week was a tricky first week for my scrapbook as we are in the middle of moving and photos of lots of boxes is not really that exciting. However i did see one funny sighting as a result of the move a man with a hoover now that's not something we see everyday is it ladies!!

I missed Saturday is caption day over on mamasaurus but this would of been a good contender as definitely needs a caption i think !

Little E unlike my other half  has not grasped the concept of moving means all hands on deck and has been more of a hindrance than a help unpacking the boxes quicker than i can pack them and generally trashing the house before crashing and burning on the sofa.

He however has been really helpful in the kitchen creating must go's with me to use up all the bits and bobs that well.........must go before we move.

I somehow in all the chaos found a tiny bit of me time this week away from the madness and found a bit of time for making as creating is good for the soul.. I'm not sure yet what wise old owl is going to be made into but i enjoyed making him.


So there it is a snapshot of life this week in our world. I would love to see what everyone else has been up to fell free to post a comment or link up your 1st 2012 scrapbook and share whats going on in your world. Captions for the rare occurance of the hoovering husband if you like too

Thought of the day....................... Many hands make light work!!


  1. lovely photos hope the move goes well it i a stressful and hectic time when your midst moving home! Love the photo of little chef :) I have made a digital scrappage of my weeks 365 photos over on my blog :

  2. Hi Sarah
    Thanks for joining in i shall hop over and have a look. I have managed to over come my techniphobia and added a proper linky now if you want to add your post on the link that would be lovely xxx

  3. You look to be having a busy week - hope you are soon settled! Our week is recorded here - as you can see we like being outdoors! xx

  4. Good Luck with the linky

  5. I love this! Would love to link up, will try to this week, such a pain not having my own laptop.
    Fab piccies x

  6. Im so pleased you all like the idea, the link is open all week to add you links for last weeks pictures. I look forward to hopping over to your blogs to see your photos xx