Sunday, 1 January 2012

Exchanging wine for a water bobble

I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling a bit blugh after all the buffets and chocolate and maybe a glass or 5 of wine consumed over the silly season. My body is actually craving a salad and water not a sentence i thought i would ever be writing but there you go.

This year Santa brought me a really innovative gift in my stocking a cute little thing called a water bobble its basically a really cool looking water bottle that filters tap water as you drink it. Literally you just fill it under the tap and off you go really handy. .


Today has been the first day i have properly been able to use my bobble as since Christmas i have been sharing it with little E as he took rather a fancy to it. I'm not complaining though anything that gets a child choosing to drink water definitely gets my vote. He gave mine a proper test drive its been dropped several times, tipped upside down on numerous occasions and did not drip or leak. Today i popped out and bought him his own as drinking more water is definitely a good thing for both of us for a healthy new year.  I brought little E the small size for £8.99 and my larger one i saw would of been £9.99. When you think the average small bottle of water purchased out costs around £1 in just over a week the water bobble will pay for its self.

All the toys and he wants my bobble!

I can honestly say having it on the side i have regularly taken sips of water instead of going for the old habit of sticking the kettle on for a caffeine fix. So my first baby step towards a healthier new year is well under way and i had forgotten just how lovely and refreshing water really is.

I hope your new years have started well and if health is on your list of resolutions i definitely recommend you try a bobble.

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Thought of the day ................  Water is the new wine !

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  1. I bought one of these as a present for my husband for 2.5 year old hasn't put it down, and wants to drink all his water from the 'special bottle'. I might have to go and get a small one too. Great idea!

    Water is the new wine for me for January...I'm trying to have a dry month!