Thursday, 5 January 2012

Getting my groove back

I'm not exactly sure when i lost my groove but its mine and i want it back !I think its very close by and i simply keep missing it as i rush past at 100 miles an hour or maybe its just stuck under my pillow too tired to join me! Its been missing awhile and every so often i manage to catch a glimpse of it so  i know it does still exists! I'm not sure where my search to find my groove again will take me but I'm sure going to enjoy finding out. 2012 is the year that i am going to get my groove back.

The very lovely Kate on thin ice runs a weekly blog  hop called grooving mums and if like me you want to find your groove again give it a try.

This weeks challenges are............

1. Did you over-indulge over the festive season? What can you do to prepare for the life-changing journey ahead in terms of improving your health?

OK i hold my hands up to this maybe i ate the odd mince pie or ten and washed them down with a sip or two of wine ........... OK  OK bottle of wine! I possibly burnt the Christmas candle at both ends sadly not due to excess partying or anything vaguely exciting like that  mainly due toddler sleep issues.

I realise i have been sleep deprived now for nearly four years no wonder i cant find my groove I'm lucky i can still find my eyelids.
 I have employed Super nanny to help with this well sort of I'm working through her toddler confidence book. I'm sure once we all get a decent nights sleep we will all feel happier and healthier.

The other change i have made towards better health this year is drinking more water and my bobble is definately helping with this.

I also want to get more excercise im going to do something active everyday with my Little E i get slimmer he burns off some of that excess energy sounds like a plan to me! Its also lovely to spend time doing fun things even if we get out  dance with Dora the explorer its excercise for a rainy day. Mostly though i plan to get us exercising in the fresh air where possible.

I would love to go back and see a nutritionist again as its amazing how much better you feel when your battery's are fully charged and the right vitamins and diet are in place. She was an absolute superstar back when i was suffering with pnd and lack of sleep exhaustion.

2. What do you need to change your mind about? Have you written yourself off in some way? How can you shift negative thinking patterns?

I need to change my mind about me i think i have forgotten that i am not just a carer for my mum a mother to my son and a wife to my husband but i am a person in my own right  too. I need to learn to say no a bit more and leave a space in my day for myself to just be me.

 I don't think i have completely written myself off quite yet but i don't seem to get the time to think about whats next for me or how to usefully use my pre caring skills. I think the best way to shift this thinking is write a list of what i can do and what i would like to do.
 I am taking part in day zero project  creating a list of 100 things to do in the next 1001 days. The list is in progress at the moment as i want to give it real thought.Once the list is written i will be able to see what baby steps to take to make things happen and im sure as i tick of the things i have done my groove will come out of hiding. The 101 in 1001 is a really great tool as its your personal list not what others expect of you but what you want for yourself.

3. This week, Christians celebrate the Epiphany. Here is one dictionary definition for the word epiphany “a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.” What does this mean to you?

Epiphany means to me to trust my intuition more and to go with my gut feeling rather than do what others expect or tell me is the thing to do. I'm sure its not just me that in the past has done something as it seemed the thing to do even though your instinct was not to do it. Always on these occasions i have looked back with hindsight and wished i had trusted my intuition. The new job my husband took just before our little boy was born did not feel right and i tried to persuade him a job change at that time was a bad idea. I  did not push him as it seemed silly saying this does not feel right so he took the job and they made him redundant a mere five hours after Little E was born. A decision that although made three years ago we are still trying to get back on our feet from it. I see i should trust my intuition and fight my corner more if im not happy with something rather than going with the flow to keep the peace.

4. Are you aware of all the blogging

I have joined a few networks and have met some lovely bloggers in doing so, im planning to let making it as mum grow naturally a small bud that will grow over time sprouting new shoots when the time is right and flowering when its ready.

I have been unsure for awhile if i needed to start a second blog for my love of  purse savvy interior ideas but i am going to trust my gut instinct and i feel the place for this is making it as mum. I would like to help other mums to make money go a bit further and have stylish practical child friendly homes,so maybe my pre child skills will come in handy after all.

I would love to hear any comments and ideas you have they really  make my day and i really look forward to meeting fellow grooving mums.

Fell free to follow me if you would like to hear more of my ramblings.

Thought of the day............................... Happy grooving xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Thanks so much for joining #groovingmums. Caring as well as being a mum and partner is a challenge indeed. My 84 year old Dad lives in our annexe and although he is amazingly well for his age, he is slowing down and he is something else in the busy mix that makes me wonder where to find time for me or ven time to think about me. Getting out in the air is important I think and helps shift those pnd or sleep deprived feelings a bit.
    I would love to hear how drinking water benefits you. I know they say you should do it but I need persuading.
    On the blog front, overall having 2 blogs did not work for me. They say to make your blog niche if you want it to succeed so you adding in your plans on here can only help with that.
    Seems we share some experiences. We have had constant redunancies since getting together partly due to working in charities.
    Look forward to getting to know you better in coming weeks, months and grooves

  2. You sound as though you have an incredibly busy life. It's understandable that under those circumstances the original "you" has lost its way. I'm experiencing the same thing too. I think it could only enhance your blog if you include your interior ideas in it. I know I find it easier to concentrate on reading a blog rather than moving between several by the same author.

  3. I agree, it definitely sounds as though you have a lot on & I take my hat off to you for not only being a great mum & wife, but a carer for your mum too. There are lots, myself included, who wouldn't be able to take so much on & still know that they've got any groove at all!! So glad you have found Grooving Mums, Kate is a brilliant ringmaster & I have no doubt it'll be a great help for you, as it is for me! Take good care & I look forward to hearing :)

  4. Thankyou for the lovely comments i think blogging is helping to keep me sane. My mum lives near us but not with us so its difficult sometimes doing everything twice once for the mundane tasks is enough for anyone! Im fairly resourceful and always finding new ways to make it work a bit easier. Thats why i love grooving mums challenging us all to take 5 and have a re think xxx

  5. Hello, Lovely to meet you. Wow, busy lady - small steps remember! Trying to refocus on you and remember who you are in yoru own right sounds great. Good luck with that journey.

    Mich x

  6. Hiya. Really enjoyed reading this. I think Supernanny is a legend - she's helped me along the way too. I'd really enjoy reading your interiors inspiration on here ( I enjoyed your post about house staging too). Toddler proof interiors tips would be amazing too! Good luck, and look forward to reading more about your grooving journey. Cx

  7. I promise i will start putting more interior inspiration on. Lovely that you liked the home staging post did you see the nautical bedroom as some child room tips and bargains in there may help you x
    Lovely to meet you all too enjoying finding all your blogs thanks for stopping by xxx

  8. You have my sympathies with the lack of sleep! Our toddler is waking at 4am at the moment and it is absolutely shattering.

    Be easy on yourself and take it easy until the sleep improves!

    Looking forward to reading your #groovingmums progress!


  9. You've got a lot on, finding time for yourself can't be easy. Looking forward to reading your posts in the future. Polly x

  10. Lovely to meet you all, i have found grooving mums really helpful started making some progress already. I have enjoyed finding your blogs too we all share alot of the same things.
    Cat xx