Thursday, 12 January 2012

Childrens Saturday cinema for just £1

Maybe its just me but in the winter i find its a struggle to find new things to do with the children without breaking the bank. Cabin fever starts setting in from being stuck in the house and a trip to the park in the pouring rain unless your Peppa Pig and love jumping in muddy puddles can be fairly unappealing.

Recently i found out about Saturday morning cinema which does not seem to be very well advertised and generally seems to be something you find out about through word of mouth.

Most cinemas run a children's Saturday showing and it is usually only  £1 per person that's the same price for children and adults so a family of 4 can have a morning out for only £4.

We have been a couple of times and i found it a really good way to introduce a toddler to the cinema.  Everyone who is there has children so there's no frowning going on when your little one decides that he will do a lightening McQueen impression and run the length of the screen with sound effects or when the little girl on the back row announces she needs a weeeeeeeeeee to the whole cinema.

Cars 2 Poster

The first time we went we arrived at the advertised start time but the 20 Min's of adverts were far too long for a toddlers short attention span and meant we only watched about half of the actual film. The next time we tried it we arrived 20 Min's later and this was much better and we managed to stay for the whole film.

Most cinemas offer a choice of two film options and they are generally recent releases we found we watched cars 2 for cheaper at the cinema than it was to rent it from blockbuster.

The cinema we visit is Cine world and they also do a really good child starter pack to get the full cinema experience for £3 you get a lunch box with standard popcorn a drink some milky way stars and a twirly straw thingy. This again is really good value cheaper ironically than a standard popcorn. If you are trying to save the pennies you could always make your own at home first and take it with you.

I have done a quick check and both Vue and Cine world offer Saturday morning cinema and I'm pretty sure many others do as well. Next time you have  cabin fever on a rainy weekend i really recommend giving the childrens cinema a try.

Its always lovely to hear comments and share ideas and suggestions with others so please feel free to leave a comment below on your cinema experiences xx

Thought of the day ................... Family fun for under a fiver.


  1. Hi

    Saying hello from the Britmums chat. Our local cinema is Odeon and they have kids morning too, but it tends to be older movies, and we were away for the one weekend they showed Cars 2. Interesting to hear about the other cinemas though, sounds like we might have to travel a bit further afield.


    1. Thanks for letting everyone know about odeon, ours cinema put slightly older films on this week. spy kids was on but my little one still liked it.x