Tuesday, 31 January 2012

As one door closes another one opens

I am sorry for the lack of Sunday scrapbook this week life's been a bit hectic with the house move but hopefully this post will redeem me as its a weekly scrapbook and a kind of room set post all rolled into one.
This week we are in the funny limbo bit of moving house we have exchanged contracts and are now playing the waiting game. The house we are moving too is already empty so we asked if we could have access between exchange and completion the solicitors agreed this and its made life a bit easier.

The house we are moving to has been tenanted for awhile and we wanted to get the carpets changed before we move in. Under normal circumstances i would not change a carpet until  all decorating has been done but the tenants had drank and smoked in the house and well.... just yuk the carpet had to go so we will just have to be very careful when decorating. Its been good to have the week of access and i would definitely recommend this if moving in to an empty property as although its been hard work its good to have it all clean ready for moving day.

Anyway here is a sneaky peak at our new home it needs a lot of  work and TLC but i know it will be a lovely house when done its just waiting for a family to love and care for it.

The kitchen needs updating and we are hoping to move some walls to make it bigger and make it into a kitchen diner as i will miss the space we currently have as i love cooking and creating with little E as you know. There will be no pictures like this for awhile......

The lounge is a good size space with two nice big windows overlooking the garden, it desperately needs decorating this picture at night does not really show how badly it needs decorating !! Mind you the lounge is not the only thing in need of some styling look at little E's interesting clothing choice pyjamas and wellies. He is just learning to dress himself  and pyjamas and wellies are easy, its a bit of progress for us as he has a clothing aversion (would rather be a naturist) so the fact he is putting clothes on is progress we can work on the fashion sense later!!

This is little E's new bedroom we have had a bit of a falling out over it already as he wants to keep his inherited curtains because they are fluffy. I don't even know where to start with this I'm not a fan of radiator skimmers or pretend velvet. Luckily nursery came to the rescue as they sent home a recycling charity bag and when we took the curtains in they were really pleased as they need some blackout ones for the planetarium so the curtains go to a good home and E still gets to enjoy them!

Hopefully soon he will have a lovely bedroom again as its really sad to be leaving behind his boat bedroom . I'm sure i can do some more upcycling and re use some of the items again in new ways.


Its getting exciting now we are already starting to imagine the house taking shape and what a difference just changing carpets and hanging curtains has made. We have alot of work ahead of us but this can be done slowly a room at a time once we are in.

The new house will be a lovely fresh start for us and the reduction in the mortgage will help me to be able to care for my mum and little E without constantly worrying about paying the mortgage.

I best get back to the packing now otherwise we won't be going anywhere but its been lovely to catch up and blog.

Its always lovely to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment and say hi xx

Thought of the day ........................... As one door closes another one opens!


  1. All sounds most exciting. Good luck with the final throws of the move, I'm looking forward to hearing more about the plans - and hopefully finding some inspiration along the way too!

  2. Can't wait to see what you do with the house. Looks like it has loads of potential and if E's boat bedroom is anything to go by, you will have a beautiful home xx