Friday, 6 January 2012

Feed the family on a budget must go menu !

This week I'm being very creative in the kitchen and in the true spirit of savvy shopping I'm taking it to the extreme and finding out is it possible to eat for a whole week without going shopping. That's right save a whole weeks food bill and still eat. Before you panic i have not gone mad I'm not on some extreme water only diet but i can make a good must go.

 What is a must go.... its a meal made with the items in the fridge, freezer and cupboards left behind from the previous weeks shops the things that if you do the next shop would ultimately not get used and wasted. Things like the random tin of chickpeas you cant remember why you bought or that last pepper from the packet that was surplus to the meal you made. Then of course theres always your usual suspects of cupboard basics flour sauce etc etc.

This is what i found this week on the day i would of usually done a supermarket shop therefore these are my must gos

Fridge                                                                           Freezer                                     
half a bunch of spring onions                                       2 packs of turkey steaks                
1 slightly squashed red pepper                                     1 packet vegi mince                      
1 yellow pepper                                                            fish mix                                       
2 red onions                                                                  2 lemon sole fillets                        
half a packet of parsley                                                a few fish fingers                         
10 ish cherry tomatoes                                                 peas                                                                      
Mushrooms                                                                  Apple pie
half a cabbage                                                              1 loaf of bread
a bit of broccoli
2 lonely eggs                                                                The usual suspects of pasta rice
butter                                                                            stock cubes flour jam cereal etc
Cheese                                                                          in the cupboard
10 ish new potatoes
10 ish  potatoes
1/2 bottle of wine
1 bottle of beer
5 yoghurt's

Day one
Our first must go of the week was a new and i think improved take on an old classic.....

1, Must go potato..........

We had  roasted  yellow pepper, red onion and cherry tomatoes  mixed  with the tuna and mayo as a  delicious jacket potato filling. My other half liked it so much he wants them again. Really easy recipe and only one roasting tray so little washing up. Even if these were not being made as a must go they would be a really inexpensive nutritious meal for a family on a tight budget.

Easy to make while the jackets are in the oven roast the pepper red onion and cherry tomatoes in a little olive oil. Once cooked mix in the tuna and a couple of table spoons of mayonnaise and fill the potato.

 Day two .........
 Must go risotto

If you have not tried it already pudding rice makes a lovely risotto rice and is lots cheaper to buy than risotto rice.

In a wok with a little olive oil add you vegetables i used the spring onions, red pepper, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes and lightly browned them.

Next i added the pudding rice i had and gently heated with the veg for a couple of Min's.

Then added a glass of white wine from the half bottle i had left in the fridge (not sure how i came to have left over wine !!) let this sizzle until the liquid is gone.

Fill a large measuring jug with boiling water and dissolve a  stock cube then gradually over a 20 Min's add this to the rice.

When the last ladle of stock went in i added the parsley i found in fridge and a few chopped herbs from my garden a pinch of pepper and a handful of grated cheese.

Lovely risotto was enjoyed by all and again even if it was not a must go a really inexpensive family meal.

Day 3

must go vegi spaghetti

I'm not a vegetarian but i prefer quorn

I prefer vegi mince to real mince it tastes great and is lower fat.

Fry in a little oil an onion and mushrooms and vegi mince until browned then add a can of tomatoes a couple of table spoons of tomato puree and a cup full of vegetable stock. Leave this to gently simmer while in another pan (smiley face optional) cook the spaghetti  or what ever pasta you have in the cupboard.
Towards the end of cooking add a pinch of pepper and chopped herbs from the garden.

Serve with an optional sprinkle of grated cheese.

That's half the week gone I'm sure as the week continues the meals may get a bit more random but its going to be fun finding out after all i still have that random tin of chickpeas to deal with.

Find out in part two of this post what happens to them.............

It would be great to hear if you have made any must gos of your own or are going to give it a try feel free to link up and share your ideas and money saving recipes any any ideas on those dreaded chick peas very welcome.

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Thought of the day.........................  must go!

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