Tuesday, 17 January 2012

We can learn alot from our children #grooving mums

This week in my search to become a grooving mum life has taken some unexpected twists and turns and inspiration has come from the most unlikely places.

I am still taking baby steps towards my goals a bit like a toddler learning to walk for the first time who takes one unsteady step at a time into the unknown as the realise they can't reach what  their heart desires sitting round waiting for it to come to them.
When learning to walk the toddler takes a small step at a time reaches out for help and support when its needed and keeps trying until they succeed and before long the walk has turned into a run because they persevered and mastered the basics first.

I have realised as well as teach my little E new things i can also learn alot from him and his approach to getting what he wants out of life. It was nearly two years ago he learnt to walk and now he runs so fast i struggle to keep up. He is never afraid to try something new and he definitely is not lacking with the energy and determination to succeed. I have the determination and im working on the energy  and with the support of the grooving mums i will be running again in no time.

We have a reward chart up in little E's bedroom which is an incentive for him to do well and when the chart is complete the reward is going to Peppa pig world as this is what his heart desires. When attaching the stickers to his chart the other evening he asked me why i did not have a reward chart.

 This made me chuckle and  i did not really know what to say but Little E persevered with the conversation advising me that i could get stickers for going to bed on time eating my vegetables and drinking water and getting dressed properly! He is a sensible boy as yes bedtime needs to come forward and a chocolate orange is not classed as one of my five a day and the first thing i can grab is not getting dressed properly.

 He continued with and when your charts finished mummy me and Daddy will buy you a nice present what would you like ! Hmmmmmmmmm what would i would like some pampering i think a day at a spa with an over night stay pure relaxation and time to quiet my racing mind.

 I think little E is onto something here with Mummy reward charts what a fantastic idea to praise our daily small successes the little baby steps that move us towards our ultimate goal with a small prize on completion to celebrate our success.

This weeks grooving mums challenges are Body (lotions and potions ) mind (celebrate whats good about us) Blogging (what to we plan to do with our blog and the big question what can we delegate.

I think i will take up Little E's advice and start a Mummy reward chart my weekly treat will be delegating Sunday evenings to my other half and locking my self in the bathroom for an hour for a lovely long bath rather than a quick shower and re discovering those long forgotten lotions and potions. The chart will be encouraging me to look after myself better too drinking a litre of water a day is supposed to work wonders for the skin and eating my five a day should fill me up enough to resist a sugary snack when my energy is flagging.

I will do my homework like on Little E's chart and take some time out to discover where to take my blog. I would really like to develop the room set posts further and work with companies to help show Mums affordable home products that benefit mums and make life easier. I would like to be able to use my knowledge of affordable interiors and visual merchandising to help others. I am really unclear at the moment how to use these skills but ultimately i would like to offer affordable design to help small buisnesses make the most of their products and home owners get the best from their houses and add value to it. 

I'm not really good at blowing my own trumpet so the question what is good about me is tricky for me to answer not because I'm not good at anything just that I'm am better at shouting about other peoples success than i am at shouting about my own.

 Maybe that in its self is something good about me that  i can lift other peoples spirits and often know exactly the right thing to say in a moment of crisis and somehow manage to make things not seem so bad and often even manage to raise a smile from a tearful friend with the right words and TLC.

I was really inspired this week by the posts from Kate on thin ice and mammasaver where they have shown their skills as a blog C.V this is a fantastic idea and one i will pluck up the courage to do myself this week.

Thought of the day...................... Reward the baby steps


  1. How strange. I had the idea of a Mum Reward Chart too. I deserve lots of stickers!
    Great post and here's to that pampering session at home.
    I like the thoughtfulness and the humour in this post.
    Still think we need to look at why mums are so bad at blowing their own trumpet but we can revisit that another time.
    I am inspired by the idea of calling a choccy orange on of my five a day.
    Thanks for being a Groovy Mum

  2. I love the mummy reward chart - what a great idea. Really inspirational - I think something concrete like that would help alot of people actually feel good about their achievements.

    mammasaver (a #gm!)

  3. I think a grooving mums reward chart is sounding like a good plan for all of us. Great to focus on what we did well. Shall i add a link for everyone to make their chart and share it here? xx

    1. A mummy reward chart..how fab - especially with a prize at the end. I want one, I want one! I need to get better about drinking water and eating my five a day too. I really think you're onto something with the affordable interiors blog posts. Maybe inspiration will come whilst you linger in your bubble baths on a sunday. Hope so! x

    2. I was wondering if our children have to issue our stickers how funny would that be. I can hear Els now ...... Mummy you have only eaten one vegatable today spend a moment on the naughty step and reflect on your behavior xx

  4. I'd love to have a chocolate orange as one of my five a day. I would have no problem reaching my target! Lovely to read of your "baby steps" and how they are all adding up to something bigger. The affordable interiors is a great one, changing our surroundings can make such a difference. Good luck with that. Polly

    1. Im really looking forward to the move as a fresh start a change is as good as a rest.
      We can pretend a chocolate orange counts!!
      Cat x

  5. I love Little E;s take on the reward chart and think he is so right - children;s perspective on things is great!

    1. He often takes me by suprise the words of wisdom he comes out with. Their innocence is a great thing.