Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Project 365/366 hop over and Scrapbook your sunday!

This new years day i along with many others started Project 365 or maybe this year its Project 366 with the extra day snuck in for the leap year. Its a really lovely way to record a year you take a photo a day every day for a whole year and upload them to the project either daily or weekly what ever suits you. http://www.p365.org/

Its a real lesson in self discipline but it definitely makes you look at the world differently as even on the most mundane days magic does happen if you open your eyes and look for it.
I have in the past often missed capturing some lovely moments by not having a camera handy so this year I'm really looking forward to being organised and having a camera on me at all times to capture the good the bad and the priceless.
My aim is taking a photo everyday  but rather than blogging about it daily as that may get tedious for everyone! i thought instead i would do a Sunday scrapbook post  of my week in pictures. This then got me thinking that this may be a really nice blog hop to link up here with your Sunday scrapbook and share whats been happening in your world over the past week in photos even if your not doing the project.

I would love to hear your comments on what you think of the idea of a Sunday scrapbook blog hop and if its something you would be interested in joining me for. Also any tips and suggestions on blog hopping and what to do will be gratefully received as it will be my first hop as host and another learning curve for a fairly new bee blogger.

I will put must first scrapbook up this Sunday and hopefully my photo skills will of improved and my subjects less camera shy.

Happy snapping everyone good luck with your projects capturing some lovely memories of 2012.

Thought of the day...................... Even on the mundane days magic happens if you look for it.


  1. I will join you and share a scrapbook of my week each sunday :) xx

  2. sarah thats lovely i look forward to finding out about your week x