Sunday, 22 January 2012

Top five biscuits #listography


This weeks listography is top 5 biscuits and as i cant resist a biscuit  how can i resist a biscuit related post. I'm very partial to a cup of tea as you know and nothing other than a slice of cake compliments a cuppa quite like a biscuit.

So here's my top five favourite biscuits

1.  A firm favourite since childhood is the good old jammy dodger although i prefer them to be the jam and cream version which you cant get very often called smiley faces. I mean what could be better than a biscuit filled with cream and jam with a silly face on to make you smile. These are also good as they are one of the few biscuits that when dipped in tea don't fall apart and cry, good job really as i would imagine there's nothing quite like drowning in a hot mug of tea to make a happy biscuit sad.

2. My second choice is possibly controversial as its Jaffa cakes and the fact there is cake in the title leaves them a bit up for debate. I think they are a biscuit as they are in the biscuit isle of the supermarket and supermarkets never get it wrong do they!!! Jaffa cakes are supposed to be less calories than many biscuits but i don't think that works for me as they are very moreish and i end up eating more than i would of any other biscuit.

3. Rich tea are my next choice although they nearly don't make it on the list as they are stressful if there is such a thing as a stressful biscuit. These are high maintenance biscuits as they need careful attention not long enough dipped in the tea for which they are intended and you just end up with a wet biscuit and too long and you have a cupful of mush. However get these just right and the tea biscuit combo is heavenly and for that they redeem themselves for the list.

4.  The other end of the scale from the good old rich tea is biscotti the perfect partner for a cup of coffee after a meal. Biscotti is a biscuit made for dunking as the hot liquid is needed to soften it to perfection. Unlike other biscuits though it is not recommended eaten without first being dipped in a hot beverage as this may result in needing an emergency dentist.

5. My final choice is possibly a bit random as i think these are like marmite you either love them or hate them. They are the very retro pink wafer biscuits that my nan gave me when i was small. I don't come across these very often these days but occasionally they turn up in selection boxes and always make me smile.

That's my five favourites what are yours...... Why not pop the kettle on and find out and then head over to Kate takes 5 and add your own listography.

I love to hear from you so don't be too shy to say hello feel free to leave me a comment below xx


  1. biscotti... yum, full of nuts and alongside an espresso... and those pink wafers just remind me of children's parties, ones I was invited to, rather than my children x

    1. Our children dont know what they are missing, kids parties used to be far more colourful back in the day and what ever happened to blamanche x

  2. Replies
    1. Thankyou i loved it too i've added the link x

  3. Yay! Someone else for biscotti! :-)

  4. How did I miss Biscotti? With a tall skinny vanilla latte, yum!

  5. The Biscotti kitchen makes the most wonderful homemade biscotti the white choc one as just divine. xx