Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Making it home .......... Home staging


Welcome to the Making it home blog hop a little space to share ideas and link up everything about making a house home. This can be anything home related from inspiration right through to major renovations and everything in between. If this is your first visit and you want to find out more about making it home here is the link to the first post and our renovations so far!

This weeks post from me has a bit of a twist as its about making the most of your space and getting the best price when selling your home. 

The picture above shows a home we purchased several years ago that had been on the market for over a year without any offers. Lots of people had viewed it but had not been able to see past the layout or furnishings. Buyers often perceive work needed to cost more than it actually does and often can not even see past the current layout. Luckily for us i could visualise the space improved and we purchased the house for a really good price as it had been considerably price dropped to sell. This is the trouble when selling a house some estate agents won't advise you on the improvements you can make to help sell your house instead they will keep advising you to drop the price. This of course is good if your buying but not if your selling.

The above picture shows the changes  made to the lounge to increase appeal ..........
The lounge instantly feels bigger and brighter with the sofas re arranged and the floor cleared of unnessasary items. A spacious dining area is created by pulling the table into the middle of the space and the window dressings simplified giving a less cluttered look.  The walls were already painted in a neutral shade so all that was needed paint wise to brighten the room was painting the dark woodwork.  The carpet is the original carpet that looks much lighter without the dark rug. The lovely fireplace is made into a focal point of the room being framed with a picture and bookcases either side.

The changes made here cost considerably less than the price drop on the property and when we later went to sell we sold on second viewing for near asking price. It really is worth investing in your property before putting it up for sale to get the best price from your property.

I would really love to help people struggling to sell so if you need some help please feel free to contact me.

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  1. Hi Catherine. Great post and pics. It's always surprised me how just a few simple changes make such a big difference. Will link up soon-Baby is awake now so must dash.

    1. Hi Hope your renovations are going well im looking forward to seeing your next link up and how things are going. It is really difficult renovating when you have children sometimes barley find time to make the beds let alone redecorate.
      take care
      Cat x

  2. I, too, believe that house staging can significantly affect the price of the house and the time it takes to sell it. Many don’t invest in this because they think that it’ll cost more money and time (might as well focus on selling the house, right?). But, staging your house can help improve your house’s impression and attract customers in effect.

    Ofelia Bertrand

  3. I agree with Ofelia. Investing in home staging is definitely a good move when you’re selling your house. Enhancing the visual appeal of your home significantly helps in gaining your potential buyer’s attention.

    - Calvin Mordarski

  4. Home staging gives the seller a chance to set a higher price for his home. Potential buyers will understand it, especially when they observe that the seller made efforts in making his house presentable. Nevertheless, the price must be reasonable. If you set a value that is higher than what it should be, it will be difficult for you to find a buyer in the end.

    Avril Copperfield

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  7. I concur with Ofelia. Putting resources into home arranging is unquestionably a decent move when you're offering your home. Upgrading the visual interest of your home altogether helps in picking up your potential purchaser's consideration.
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