Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cybher Meet and Greet

Just two days now till cybher and I'm a mix of nervous and excited as this is the first blog event i have been to and not really sure what to expect. It will be lovely to meet in person the faces behind some of the wonderful blogs i read and the people i tweet.

I had been stupidly dithering about attending the event as being a fairly new bee blogger i was not sure i was ready and then on a whim i decided to enter the tots100 competition. I nearly fell off my chair when the email came through telling me i had actually won. It seems fate is not such a ditherer as me and if i was not going to be brave enough to book that ticket luck was on my side and kindly decided i was to go.

So here i am a very lucky girl indeed getting the chance to attend this fantastic event and i can't wait. I will shortly be raiding my wardrobe and packing my bag for a child free night in a hotel ahead of the event. I hope the wardrobe has miraculously found me some different items to pack as when i looked this morning it was not hopeful !!

Anyway without further a do here is a bit about me a meet and greet ahead of the event...

Name ........ Catherine but better known as Cat simply because at some point someone referred to me and hubby as Cat 'n ' Matt and it kinda stuck !!

Blog ...... Making it as mum
Twitter ID @theroomset
Height  5ft nothing!
Hair Dark blond and straight i hope!! ........... damp day as frizz alert!

Five things you should know about me

1, I love a bargain
2, I'm a serial house mover
3. Very partial to a cup of tea and go on then the odd biscuit
4. terrified of birds flapping and feathers
5. I always finish my blog posts with a thought of the day.

That's me ..........very much looking forward to meeting you at Cybher

Thought of the day............  Stop thinking start packing !!


  1. Ah, a serial house wonder you related to that post. I'm afraid I'm likely to be a constant lurker on your site getting ideas. I don't move often, but I do update far too frequently for my husband's liking. Enjoy Cybher!

  2. We sound very simular i change my mind all the time and am always updating. Feel free to link up your updates on the linky i would love to see how your getting on x

  3. If I was going, I'd love to meet you in the flesh. You strike me as a very warm, open and friendly person - don't feel worried about going to Cyber, I bet you'll have a great time!

  4. Ahh bless you wish you were going would of loved to meet you. I guess im just nervous as out of my comfort zone and loads of people are really established and know each other. I just tend to muddle through blogging wing it and ramble haha
    Thankyou Cat xx

  5. I hate birds flapping about too & butterflies, bees etc. I was at a butterfly farm aged 9 and am on camera crying like a baby because the butterflies were around my head!! How embarrassing! Enjoy your weekend. I'm sure you'll have great fun. Sarah :-)

    1. My phobia comes from childhood too i was chased by a swan age 3 and soon after a bird was trapped in our house after flying through the window i was in the lounge with it flying round me nearly passed out. I had a great time at cyber although the venue a bit close to trafalgar square and its pidgeons for my liking xx