Friday, 18 May 2012

Kids craft subscriptions direct to your door

Sometimes as a parent its really difficult to keep coming up with different ideas to entertain the children and keep them amused. When i heard about Tiny Tigs childrens craft subscriptions i thought what a fantastic idea and was really excited when i was asked to try them out and review them.

We love making things but sometimes find that a trip to the shop is needed before we even start as something is unavailable at home. The craft shop then seems to only sell things in big packs for example we needed a pair of googly eyes the other day for something little E had seen on Mr Maker i had to buy a pack of 25 to avoid a tantrum. Now we are left with 23 eyes therefore at some point in the future we will be making a one eyed monster as 23 is never going to make pairs !!!

Luckily our craft pack arrived today from Tiny Tigs and as promised it contained three complete projects with clear instructions and everything you needed to make them with the exception of glue.
The monthly packs are seasonal and our May pack was no exception and was very on trend being jubilee inspired.

The projects came very well packed and i thought it was a really nice touch that they are addressed to the child, little E recognised his name straight away and excitedly ripped it open before i even got to the door.

Every month there are three projects in the pack and the may pack contained jubilee bunting, a crown project and a vase of flowers to make.

The first of the three we had ago at was the Jubilee bunting the instructions were clear and easy to follow and the templates were a good quality print. Little E had ago at cutting out with the childrens scissors in the pack and really enjoyed the sticking and rolling but the threading was a bit too fidly for him so i helped out. Crafting is a really good way to spend some quality time with children and teach them new skills, older  children would need less  supervision  and the finished results would be neater.

We were both really pleased with our efforts and the end result looked good enough to hang up on the bookcase in our lounge.

My intention was to make just one of the packs and then put the other two away for another day so i had something on standby when inspiration was lacking and i had a bored child to amuse fast!

Little E however had other ideas he enjoyed the first pack so much he wanted to do another and as i was not keen to play the 30th game of snakes and ladders of the day i readily agreed.

We next had a go at one of the crowns (2 included) this was again a really easy to follow project with pre cut templates and lots of bits to decorate with. Little E covered the crown with glue and stuck on absolutely everything including the bits for the second crown and the spare bits. This project needed less mum involvement in fact he even told me to get off when i tried to put on a jewel myself.

I am sure having this crown is going to be a blessing in the very near future when i get a last minuite note from the nursery asking for jubilee fancy dress.Yes ........ i have been caught out before and had to burn the midnight oil for world book day when i did not notice it on the calender till late the night before and sent little E as a pirate from um um um treasure island!

The final project was a vase and flowers which allowed little E to be a bit more free style with how the vase was decorated i think this is good as it allowed him to be creative. He loves glitter and covered the whole thing in glue and then tipped over nearly a whole pot of glitter and sequins. A bunch of flowers fit to give the queen should she pass our way!

 We enjoyed a really lovely afternoon crafting and i think the packs are a really good idea if your stuck for ideas of what to do with the children. There were a few bits and bobs left over too that would spark ideas for other projects and encourage some more creativity.

There is a special offer on at the moment a six month gift pack with free painting apron and free delivery all for £39 this gift pack contains 18 craft packs in total sent out over 6 months so plenty of ideas. I recently brought little E a painting apron and this alone cost me nearly £10. It would be a great present for a grandparent or someone to give a child as its lovely for children to get something through the post every month rather than just on their birthday.

Thought of the day ............................  Children thrive on a creative mind !

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