Monday, 28 May 2012

Upcycling blinds to fit a new scheme........ Making it home


This week i carried on with little E's space bedroom and added some finishing touches to pull it all together. The renovation budget has had to shrink a bit as we have had to dip into the house fund to purchase a car so i am now having to be more stylishly thrifty than ever.

I hope you will be inspired by this very cost effective roman blind makeover that can be done with no sewing at all if you prefer.

When we moved we packed all the curtains and blinds from our house and although some of the windows are slightly different sizes i had a few tricks up my sleeve to make them fit and update them to match in with the new room schemes.

At our previous house Little E had a lovely boat bedroom and a very sweet nautical blackout blind covering his window. The new bedroom window is exactly the same size so it seemed a real shame not to re use the blind and just update it to fit in with the space theme.

Original blind
The colours in the blind fit in really well with the current scheme i just needed to somehow lose the 3 little boats. A few weeks ago i picked up a spare star duvet set for a bargain £2.50 from EBay. Duvet covers and sheets are a great way to get large pieces of fabric to use for other projects.

The pillowcase from the set was the perfect width to cover up the boats and the colours match in really well with the rest of the blind.

Firstly i opened up the pillowcase to make a long strip of fabric and then ironed in a seam allowance all the way round to neaten the raw edges. I then sewed round the hems with a row of straight stitch so that the finished result had the effect of being sewn on.

Next i cut strips of heat n bond (available from sewing shops) and placed them around the edges where i had hemmed and ironed in place. I then removed the paper liner to reveal the second sticky strip.

Then i simply put the new panel onto the blind to cover the boats pinned in place to hold it steady while i ironed it. The finished result looks like a panel that has always been there and i still have the option at a later date to revert back to the original blind.

The possibilities with this type of  blind update are endless you could simply add some pattern to the bottom of a plain white blind or add a few flowers or something to a child's blind.

I was really pleased with the finished result and for a total spend of around £4 we have a up cycled blind that fits in perfectly with the new room and still have a duvet cover as a spare that matches everything.

I hope i have inspired you to get renovating and doing little things around the home. its always lovely to hear your thoughts and comments so don't be shy stop and say hi.

Now it over to you what have you been doing around your house to make it home. Please feel free to link up your posts new and old that celebrate how you are making it home.


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  1. Wow the bedroom looks great, makes me what to do something with my son's room now x

    1. Thankyou so much, im glad i have inspired you to get out the paint brushes. Come back and link up your handy work xx

  2. That is so so clever!! Really impressed x

    1. Thankyou, good old ebay to the rescue again hehe x