Friday, 17 February 2012

Grooving mums, time to love yourself

This week I'm taking part again in the grooving mums challenge and its something i really need to do . I need to take some time out to discover how i can look after and love myself better as currently feel I'm running on empty and I'm no use to those i love if I'm not loving myself.
I realise i have not been looking after myself properly for quite some time now and the day after we moved house my body told me it could not carry on and a virus quickly turned to bronchitis and having suffered previously with pneumonia my body just gave up on me. I'm on the mend now apart from the racking cough i just cant seem to shift that is really effecting my sleep.
Its all been a bit of a wake up call and made me realise i can,t carry on as i have been i need to raise my own energy levels before i can give more to others.

I need to look after my body better its the only one I'm going to get and in a few weeks it will be 40 years old and i appreciate i cant treat it as i did in my twenty's. The positive step i am taking here is I have booked myself an appointment with a nutritionist as this helped me to mend after little E was born when anaemia, pneumonia and pnd took there toll. The nutritionist was amazing she really helped me turn things round even helping with pnd. I lost all my baby weight and looked years younger after seeing her so hopefully she will put me back on the right track again as currently look around 100!

I am setting my standards way to high i do need to be more realistic on what i can achieve and spend more time on the things i love and can change rather than stressing myself on mundane things that don't really matter or the things i cant change. I need to balance my time a bit better and not feel guilty for some spending child free time on something just for myself. I'm long over due a beauty treatment or a hair appointment I'm going to have a restyle and colour in time for my big birthday.

I'm sure between the nationalist and the hair dresser i will feel a million times better and will bounce back and we be able to spread love to those i care about once again.

I think things happen for a reason and in a bizarre way i needed to be ill to slow down and realise how hard i have been pushing myself lately.

If like me you realise its time to love yourself more why not hop over to and join in with the lovely grooving mums.

Thought of the day............... You can't love anyone else till you take care of yourself


  1. Sorry to hear you've been so poorly. Probably the last thing you needed with the move. Good for you for taking some time out to focus on yourself. Nothing is more important than your health. A new cut and colour can do wonders for making one feel better too I think. Enjoy!

  2. I am interested in your nutritionalists appointment - just seen how I have spelt that- sorry!! I would be interested in reading more about it, I wonder if it may help more of us?

    1. I think it would help lots of people so once i have been for my appointment i will write a post about it and more information on how it helped me in the past. So many people are suffering with pnd and i found out of all the things this helped me the most and i would love to help others xx