Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas keepsakes and traditions


    We have a lovely little tradition in our house that marks the start of Christmas for us.  Before we even coax the Christmas tree out of hiding we have a visit to our local pottery and make a memory bauble.

   This is something i started when little E was just five weeks old to mark his first Christmas and then it evolved into a lovely Christmas memory tree.

  Every year the bauble is very different and its a wonderful way to see his development as the older he gets the more input he has. This year he was very taken with the fingerprint characters so this years decoration is really fun and festive.

Previously I displayed them on a small real tree but I always worried about them getting broken so this year i hunted around for something safer to display them on and came across a jewellery tree that seems to work well. The jewellery tree has twelve prongs so is perfect for my vision of the twelve years of Christmas he he.

This is a really lovely tradition that i truly recommend to anyone with a new born as its a wonderful family tradition and something to cherish and enjoy year after year. Christmas i think is all about children and these will remind you of the lovely small years even when they are all big and grown up. I still have not managed to get round to making a very cute odd sock advent calender i mentioned last year but it a very cute idea that i would recommend.

Its always lovely to hear from you feel free to leave a comment and share your Christmas ideas and traditions.

Thought of the day ....................... 12 years of Christmas gosh that is a thought xx

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