Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Lovely prints from wall paper samples ........Making it home

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Here is this weeks update from me a simple idea for left over wall paper and samples/ swatches.

 I have a little confession to make i have a bit of thing for wallpaper and have a little bit of a collection going on at the moment of wallpaper samples and wallpaper roll ends that are gorgeous prints but have not quite made the grade to make it on the wall. The print above is really  lovely but was not quite right for the room i had in mind but it was just too darn pretty to throw the sample away.

This week i started doing the finishing touches for the kitchen and i wanted to add some colour and pattern to the room and this lovely wallpaper fitted the bill perfectly. I didn't however have any available wall space to play with to add a feature wall therefore the next best thing would be to add some framed prints.

I purchased a really nice white frame including a mount from Sainsburys it was a real bargain as cost around £7.50 supermarkets are great for basic items like this.

Using the mount included with the frame as a guide i moved it around the wallpaper until i found the perfect framed picture looking back at me.

I then simply cut the wallpaper sample to size and placed in the frame giving me a really lovely print  made out of a wallpaper sample that would of otherwise found itself in the recycling bin.

The framed print adds interest to the open shelving unit and breaks up the run of crockery with a splash of colour. This little upcycling project was really cost effective and only cost £7.50 in total. I also have a few pictures left over from the house move containing prints that no longer fit in with our new rooms so i will definitely be using this idea to bring new life to my old frames too saving money by using what we already have.

That's it from me this week hope i have inspired you to make your own art and add a splash of colour to your walls.

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  1. That is a great idea, really simple yet so effective.

    Quick question about your blog hop, is it improving your home on a budget and how you can get some real bargins if you look or simply improving your home?

  2. Im glad you liked the idea, the blog hop is just about improving your home and sharing inspiration and ideas. It can be anything from a little simple change or products you love right through to a whole room makeover. Hope that helps look forward to you joining in xx

  3. What a great idea, this works with old calendar pages as well.