Thursday, 21 June 2012

Nutrition the road back to good health

Earlier in the year i promised myself i would re visit a nutritionalist again as this really helped my recovery from pnd and pneumonia back when little E was very small and definatley brought back my smile.

I have however been really silly and cancelled the appointment a few times as i just could not seem to find time to fit it in.

Finally last week my health forced me to attend my appointment as i had once again managed to run myself down so badly i was useless to anyone. Suffering with a virus of the inner ear and sinus that is so blocked that i can barely move my neck i at last went for my appointment. I really should of listened to my body sooner instead of waiting till i felt like the bottom of the barrel as thats a steep climb back up!

My appointment lasted about an hour and a half and just being there spending time with someone admitting how run down and unwell i was feeling was a relief.  I could clearly see I'm not looking after myself very well and just discussing my eating habits was quite shocking. Its all to easy to eat a quick unhealthy thing on the run here and miss a meal completely there. The thing that shocked me the most was the amount of wheat related products i eat that have little nutritional value in them and the other surprise the amount of tea i drink.

I then had a series of muscle tests and some parts of my body are not functioning properly  no wonder i feel so shocking. I was then matched with supplements to help the weakened areas and help me back to good health.

A diet was then put together that suits my lifestyle and is therefore easy for me to stick to, wheat has been completely removed from my diet and tea has been cut right down no surprise for me there.
Its still early days at the moment my body is currently going through a bit of a healing crisis and detoxing and the blocked sinus areas have now been replaced by the mother of all colds but at least there no longer blocked.
I know in a few weeks time i will feel better than i have in a very long time as the benefits i had when i visited the nutritionalist with pnd and pneumonia the first time were tremendous and really got me back on my feet.

What we eat and put into our body really effects our mood and energy level and lets face it as mums we need energy in abundance. When we feel worn out through lack of sleep and running round after the family we are no good to anyone and not feeling able really effects our mood. Its no surprise then really that eating the right things and taking supplements to re  build a run down body can really help with mind body and spirit.

  I also had other benefits that were very welcome and totally unexpected my skin looked really clear and healthy and i lost one and a half stone of  baby weight without even trying.

I can already see the benefit to my skin this time round starting to show, it has already lost the grey look and fine lines seem less noticeable I'm sure this is a result of the water.

So for now i will keep going with the plan and really recommend to anyone that if anything i have mentioned sounds familiar a trip to a nutritionalist could be just what you need. The nutritionalist i visited was Lissanne Davidson at higher health and healing who i think is truly amazing. I have not been paid or compensated in anyway to add the link but here it is as i genuinely recommend
Higher health and healing 

Hopefully i am on the mend again now i will keep you posted on my progress. This week my making a small change to add up to a big benefit would be invest some time in your health and if nothing else drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Thought of the day..................... Health is a gift take good care of it.


  1. Sorry to hear you've been feeling run down, and so pleased that you've taken steps to address it and are starting to feel better. You are looking after so many things (house project) and people (Little E, your mum, your husband!) that it's so easy to let it all take it's toll on you. Good for you for finally getting to the appointment.

    I love your thoughts of the day. And how very right you are about health. x

    1. PS. I've tagged you in my latest post ..' Beautiful Bloggers'.

    2. Thankyou you are so lovely and very right i have been putting myself last for awhile and taking a bit much on.
      Thats very lovely of you choosing me as one of your beautiful bloggers im really flattered and will join in xx