Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Review ...Deluxe Led Fogless Shower Mirror by Toilettree Products.


       I was really pleased to be given the opportunity to review the Deluxe Led Fogless shower mirror by Toilettree products as i love stylish things for the home especially ones designed to make life. easier.

     The mirror is designed for use in the shower to make beauty regimes a little easier such as shaving exfoliating and using tweezers to name but a few things.

 Usually you need to wait until you have finished showering and  the bathroom mirror has recovered from the steam before you can see properly use the bathroom mirror. The Deluxe Fogless Shower Mirror solves this problem as you can use it whilst still in the shower without any fog caused by shower steam.

The product arrived really well packaged and inside the box contained everything i needed to set the mirror up and fix to the wall with out the need for any diy, in fact it was so easy i didn't even need to rope hubby in to put it on the wall for me ! I was very impressed that even battery's were included in the box which is rare these days so once set up the product was ready to use without a trip to the shops being needed.

It was really easy to put together all i had to do was put the silicone and sticky pads that are included onto the back of the stand at the pre marked out places and then pop it on the wall near the shower and leave to dry over night.

 The next morning i put the mirror onto the stand and simply tilted it to suit my needs. When i was ready to use it i simply put the shower on and easily filled the mirror with water from the shower hose and switched on the light.

The little shelf on the stand i found really handy i used it for tweezers but it would also be really good for razors creams etc. I found the mirror to be really useful and i  did my eyebrows with ease while still in the shower. I am sure it would also be really helpful to men who like a wet shave. Over all i think its a really good useful item that looks stylish and at the moment it is £22.95 on amazon so it definitely won't break the bank.

Thought of the day ..................simple style to make life easier

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