Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Biorb fish tank saves the day .... night!

  Sometimes in life just what you need is already there. Remember the sleep struggles i was just about to purchase a night and day lamp in the hope we may all get some sleep when i had my own light bulb moment..... We have a fish tank in our kitchen that from 7 am the tank is on a white light then at 7 pm turns to blue for fishes to sleep, this is exactly the same principle as the sun and moon toddler lights, so we have safely moved this into our little boys bedroom and hooray he wont get up till the fishes are white as he does not want to wake them and now proudly tells everyone he sleeps with his fishes.

 E has a nautical boat bedroom so the tank looks great in his room. The tank we have is a Biorb life , i thought it was great before now its my best friend.

Thought of the day make use of what you already have!

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  1. Nice Blog. Definitely you can sleep well if you have pleasant fish tank in your bed room.