Monday, 22 August 2011

Hello world

Welcome to my first ever blog, having had an eventful first few years of motherhood and muddling my way through often hanging on by a thread. I thought i would share my journey, how even in tough times with less money and not enough hours in the day it is still possible to have fun, save money,find time and live stylishly.

  Before i became a mum i spent my days in retail management and visual merchandising and along the way studied interior design.

 I think i lost my sanity when i was pregnant as i thought it was a good idea to buy a shop!  Never never  never make any major changes while pregnant as becoming a mum is literally life changing in itself.

 I have learned more in the last few years than i learned in the rest of my life put together. Its been a roller coaster but i  feel very blessed to be where i am now. I would not change a thing, I have  a lovely little boy who brings me joy and he challenges me to learn more everyday.

  I hope you will enjoy my blog and join me as i find creative ways to make it as a mum. How to survive stylishly even with less income, getting the work life balance right and much much more. My creative side is still alive even since losing a few cells in my pregnancy and i hope to share tips and advice for design, creating with kids and lots lots more.

 I look forward to getting to know you x

Thought of the day....   Making it as mum

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