Monday, 12 September 2011

Easy trustfund top up

  My little boy is obsessed with 1p and 2p coins he finds them everywhere like a little magpie and he usually has around 10p in his pocket everyday.

He has money money boxes   everywhere and we just keep adding to his collecting by putting in the annoying coins that fill your purse and pockets.

 Soon my mum started helping then my husband put a pot on his desk at work and others started to
add to it as it appears everyone hates these little coins in their purses and pockets.

                                                              Buckets of money!

 Finally today got round to counting up his stash today and was amazed to find £48 for under a years collecting a nice amount to add to his trust fund.

 We also manage to get him 12% interest a year by putting it in a high interest Halifax child account that pays out once a year, i then move it once interest added into his trust fund and get the interest again from this account by adding it just before his birthday.

 It really is money you wont miss and  will be a nice amount extra in the trust fund for university or something.

Thought of the day.......... So it really is true the pennies do add up x

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