Tuesday, 6 September 2011

lucky dip list!

I have just found the best way to work through the to do list.
 Sadly i still dont have the answer to finding more hours in the day but i have found a fun way of getting jobs off the list. The to do list was huge and many of the jobs were equally impotant and equally been put off for far too long and i did not know where to start literally so............

i wrote the long long long list which in its self was a relief  i then cut the list up added a few nice things to it such as long bath and pedicure!! Put all the little strips in a bag and did a lucky dip

could not believe my luck to pull out pedicure but feeling guilty i picked again and promised that if i did the next pick i would then treat myself to pedicure. I am now very pleased to report i have finally got a buisness facebook page set up and very lovely toes. Both things have been to off far to long and really did not take long when looked at on their own instead of  as a mountain of jobs.

 I nearly wavered when i was not 100% happy with photos then remembered the 80% rule and reminded myself that 80% happy was a great start and was better than not starting at all.

A recommended fun way to work through the id rather not  do list if like mine its got tooooooooooo long .

Thought of the day ................ One little baby step is a step in the right direction and one step leads to another.

Photo by flickr http://www.flickr.com/people/thinkpublic/

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