Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I can see where this days going.......... I wonder can santa help

Sometimes as a mum you can tell exactly how the days going to go before you even open your eyes from that  lovely dream where your lying on an exotic beach somewhere and all around you is peaceful and calm.

 This dream must be stored in the pre child memory bank as peace and quiet is something of a distant memory and exotic beach days  will have to wait for a time that motherhood is a paid  profession.

In my dream i hear the sound of the ocean as water gently drifts to and fro and then the sound of ..........waves crashing !!!!

I leap out of bed eyes still closed and walk in a daze in the  direction of the sound of the ocean and i do indeed find an ocean or more accurately a paddling pool with floaters! in a room that was once my tranquil bathroom.

 It seems E decided after using his potty for all necessary business that the very same full potty would make a much better stool then the one i provided to reach the taps. Needless to say the potty with him on it tipped over and he managed to turn tap on full blast on his way down.  He sits on the floor all innocent and says i was just washing my hands like you taught me to mummy, well what do you say to that.

 All cleared up we make our way down stairs for a drink i need my morning cuppa today more than ever . I am just about to switch the kettle on and i put my foot in a puddle i don't even need to look down as the aroma tells me all i need to know that is no one remembered to put the cat out!
I can definitely see where this days going.................................

By the time Ive cleaned up again we are running late so i skip the cuppa and go on to operation clothes on which is a mission in our house. E has a clothing aversion and if you can get him in them in the first place there off again by the time i have my own on.

 Finally we are dressed and fed and i go to the fridge to get the lunch bag to find instead a very empty fridge and no lunch bag . So a shopping trip pre nursery is called for................... Finally I'm back very much looking forward to the long awaited cuppa and you guessed it............................
No Teabags !!!!!!!

So ...................

Dear Santa , if your listening I've been a very good girl this year and i love my family very very much but please please please can i have a day off for good behaviour. A good nights sleep in a bed where there is no danger of finding an action figure in my pillow case and most of all to wake up to a lovely cup of tea  that does not involve any  cat pee.

 Thank you xxx

Thought of the day..................................   Dream a little dream !


  1. Oh dear I could see whe this was going too. I know exactly what sort of day you mean. Sometimes it feels like I'm in a groundhog day of days like this.

    Of cours you deserve a day off and I'm sure Santa will take your note into consideration. In the main time, have some virtual tea and real sympathy from me.

    Come link up any time you need a shoulder to cry on.

  2. Ps are you on twitter? Was going to tweet this but can't find your I'd. Mine is @1978rebecca