Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas keepsakes, family traditions, baubles, odd socks and babygrows and of course presents !!

 Its officially the start of the Christmas count down and the first box on the advent calenders have been opened. I have been meaning to retrieve all E's first baby grows and baby socks  from the loft as i was going to make a family heirloom advent calender with them by cutting off the feet and numbering them. I thought this would be a lovely tradition something we could bring out every year and what else do you do with baby's first clothes if like me  you cant part with them.

I was inspired by this gorgeous sock advent calender what a fantastic use for odd socks or baby's first items.

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Sadly i never made it up the loft in time so dashed to the shop for a boring choc box and have promised i will definatly make time for one of these next year.

I have however managed to redeem myself and was more organised with another Christmas tradition every year we make a numbered hand print /fingerprint pottery bauble to mark every since E's birth. Its a lovely tradition to have as first there is the enjoyment of making it together an the trip to the pottery kind of marks the start of Christmas for us.

Every year the bauble is different and unique and you can really see  your child's development and the older they get the more decoration they can do for themselves. Its lovely when the Christmas decorations come out to look back on the previous years works of art. I'm not sure how many years E will do this with me especially being a boy but I'm aiming for at least 12 so at least we have the 12 days of Christmas.I will then bribe him at 18 and 21 for a special occasion top up!!

We have a miniature real Christmas tree we brought when Elliott was new born and it seems to grow enough every year to accommodate the current years bauble addition. Its his tree to decorate as he wishes and then we finish off will his special hand print baubles. This starts the decorating in our house and starts building the excitement for little E the main tree and decorations will go up in about a week.

When we went back to collect our bauble we made a couple of inexpensive but priceless presents a hand print vase for nanny and some fingerprint cuff links for daddy that are subtly done so he will actually wear them! If your stuck for Christmas ideas personal presents like these are a great idea. We went to Daisy roots pottery in Witney Oxford to make our items if your local i highly recommend them. There are many places like this across the country and if there is not one near you there is a gap in the market for you if your an entrepreneurial mum!

A lovely personal present for Daddy for only £10

Feel free to link up and share what your Christmas traditions are and any items you have made with your children for Christmas.

Thought of the day........................................Children grow bigger everyday cherish every moment.


  1. We've recently been to a ceramics cafe to make presents for Grandparents. I hadn't thought about trying to make a bauble/ keepsake for us each year. What a great idea. Might hop back and do that before Xmas. Thank you.

  2. Lovely to hear you were inspired by the bauble keep sakes. Its a really nice thing to do that you want to bring out every year hope you find time to go back and start a family tradition x

  3. It is so lovely to bring out memories each year. We have some going back years before the children were even born. Superb.

  4. Oh wow! The bauble is gorgeous, what a fab idea. Loving the cufflinks too and the baby sock advent garland is such a wonderful idea :) Lovely festive post x

  5. Thankyou for the lovely comments i will pop over to your blogs and say hi x