Saturday, 31 December 2011

Listography ~ Top 5 Photos of 2011

Another fantastic listography suggestion  from the lovely Kate takes 5 the theme this week is top 5 photos from 2011. This follows on so nicely from my last post about end of year rituals and again was good to look back positively on 2011 as it draws to a close.

It was difficult to choose only 5 but i did finally manage it so here goes.................

Gnobody laugh!

1.This is my favourite picture of the year taken at the gnome reserve a cute little place we visited whilst on holiday in Devon. Luckily for me and my other half listography only allows 5 photos so thankfully we are spared the embarrassment of our own gnome pictures. The one of my other half however is priceless as Little E picked him a pink gnome hat and i could not resist taking a photo of my other half having a cream tea wearing a pink gnome hat drinking from a tiny floral tea cup.

2. I'm sure my other half will be relieved as i have been kind and chosen this lovely photo of him instead as my second photo of the year. I love natural photos where you capture a moment without anyone  being aware your taking it.

3. This photo was again is from our week in Devon taken at Croyde beach i love the colours and again the complete relaxation that comes from a break from the old routine and having a holiday.

4. I have no idea who Fordy is but i love this photo and we are clearly happy sitting in his/her corner! This was taken after a lovely Sunday lunch in our favourite pub/restaurant called the lamb just down the road from us in Crawley. It must of been a good attempt at eating out as we are smiling there cant of been any toddler tantrums or food thrown at fellow diners on this visit!

5. Another one of my absolute favourites little E and his best friends every time i look at this i chuckle to myself as they look like mini teenagers hanging out im sure the boys are saying something like my friend fancies you.

So lovely to look back over the year in photos really difficult to choose just 5 but a really nice way to end the year. Why not have ago yourself and link up your own listography

Happy new year Everyone xxx


  1. I love your photos, so full of character. That one of the gnome picture is just brilliant. Happy new year!

  2. Lovely happy pictures. Happy new year

  3. lovely photos hope that 2012 is a great year for you too xx

  4. Thankyou for the lovely comments im suprised no one has tried to wist my arm yet on that other gnome picture lol xx

  5. Love, love, love the gnome one, at first look I didn't notice the real person in the middle :)

  6. What happy moments you've captured. Love them!

  7. Those are so sweet! Happy new year!

  8. Love the first one! Definitely made me smile. :-)

  9. Great photos. I really want to go to Devon now!

    Happy new year.

  10. Made me laugh the comment about the middle gnome being real he does blend in well the cheeky little imp. That pic never fails to make me smile either.
    Looking back at the photos made me wish it was summer and i really want to go back to devon too x