Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Elf rewards, the magic of getting a toddler to sleep

I think i have finally found the solution to toddler sleep struggles...................

We all know Santa only brings presents to good boys and girls and most definitely only brings them to children when they are fast asleep in their own bed.

 I feared Santa would not visit our house this year as bed asleep is something my toddler is not keen on  . I have tried most recommended techniques to get him to bed and to stay in bed, including reward charts and the super nanny sleep technique without much success.

Last night after reading several stories there were still no signs of sleep and  E asked if we could  talk about Santa and that gave me an idea..................

We talked about Santa and how he visits good boys and girls when their asleep on Christmas eve and so he knows who has been good he sends a special  Elf  called the sleep Elf to check who is sleeping.

 Suddenly sleep sounded like a good idea and little E did not get out of bed once too busy dreaming of the sleep Elf.
I thought this good behaviour deserved an Elf reward so i made a tiny little Elf stocking from fabric remnants and filled it with a chocolate coin and put it on little E's pillow.

 I think if the little sleep Elf visits every night in December and leaves  Elf rewards we will hopefully have a new improved sleep routine. This  makes a lovely little Christmas tradition as well and adds to  the magic of Christmas.
If your suffering with toddler sleep struggles give the Elf rewards a try it just may be the magic ingredient you've been looking for. I hope this ideas useful please feel free to comment and add other suggestions to sleep struggles xx 

Thought of the day......................... The magic of Christmas x


  1. That would definitely have worked when one of mine were younger. I'll pass it onto friends who still have young children.

  2. Glad you liked the idea,Your friends will definately thankyou for passing it on. Its worked every night so far and completly changed all our lives finally getting a decent evening instead of spending it carrying a little one back to bed x

  3. Ooh! We are doing the elf thing, although our elves have come to stay with us for December, to check the children are being good. They will head back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve with Father Christmas ;) My kids are loving them!