Friday, 13 April 2012

Adding colour and fun to a childrens bedroom

          Patchwork Curtains

Decorating dilemma ............How to add colour and fun to a child's bedroom.

Its really easy to add colour and fun to child's bedroom without breaking the bank. Painting the walls a lovely spring green and adding a wall sticker can really transform a room. I'm a real fan of wall stickers as they are easy to apply and are an inexpensive way to instantly add fun and interest. I love this owl wall sticker from next the colours of the owls can be picked out and used in complimentary accessories such as the patchwork curtains and gingham bedding.

I think when choosing children's furniture a white bedroom set is a great investment as it will last and grow with the child as it can be dressed with age appropriate accessories .It is far cheaper to replace curtains and bedding as the child outgrows it than replacing the furniture if they suddenly go off the car shaped bed or princess castle. If space is tight in the room consider something like a mid sleeper as this will maximise the rooms floor space which is essential for  playing!

Storage is really important in a child's room as the bigger they get the bigger the toys seem to get. There are lots of fun ways to store things in children's rooms from colourful boxes baskets and drawers.

Giant Mirrored Butterfly Stickers        Card Hat Boxes  4 Tub Storage

More colour and fun can added with useful finishing touches such as the little owl door stop to match the wall sticker. I think a doorstop in a child's room is a safety feature as well as being very very cute as it avoids little trapped fingers. Lighting is also really important a bedside lamp is essential for bed time stories and a little night light that can be left on gives a child reassurance.


I found the items at next to be very reasonably priced so a lovely child's room makeover can be achieved without breaking the bank.

I also spotted Next are running a competition to win £1500 home makeover

Looking forward to starting the blog hop next week called making it home and i can,t wait to see your home transformations. Everyone is welcome let me know if you would like to join in.

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  1. Love it! Im just in the midst of redecorating our nursery to accommodate two bambinos, one girl one baby boy, its very tricky! xxx

    1. That is tricky something like the tree may work well as is fairly unisex. A nature /outdoor theme would be good you could have fun with bright coloured bunting etc.
      Be lovely to see the finished room if you would like to join in the blog hop xx

  2. I'm starting to think about Pip's room when we redecorate, and think you're spot on with your comments about the furniture and the walls. Changing the bedding/ curtains is much easier too.

    Looking forward to the home meme but not sure I'm far along enough yet - no finished rooms..only ' before' shots!

    1. Good furniture is definately a wise investment as they grow so fast something that will last is money well spent xx The home meme can also be inspiration items you like etc so be lovely if you join in, feedback you get may help with choices etc xx

  3. Hi Village mama

    Thanyou for your comments, im not sure why they are only coming through on email not showing up on blog? Lovely that you want to join in looking forward to seeing your kitchen xx