Thursday, 26 April 2012

Making it with the kids free rainy day activities

This week the constant rain has had me trying to think creatively of new ways to keep little E entertained in doors. Once we had exhausted all the toys we were encouraged after watching  Mr Maker to raid the recycling box and get out the craft drawers.

You know i like to get my moneys worth out of items and find new uses for things so armed with a discarded newspaper and a finished with peppa pig magazine we got busy!

We had already made good use of the peppa pig magazine little E had coloured in all the pictures practised writing his letters and read all the stories and stuck in all the stickers. I thought we had finished with it and had banished it to the recycling bin but like with any magazine the pictures can be cut out and turned into collages for children's walls.

Peppa pig craft project........

We glued together two pieces of brightly coloured  A4 paper to make the grass and the sky and cut out an oval shape in brown for the all important muddy puddle and a some yellow paper for a sunshine.
Then using children's scissors and a bit of help little E cut round the pictures he had previously coloured in and glued them to his paper.

He got a bit over enthusiastic with the glue so we got out the glitter and sequins and sprinkled them over the excess glue to finish off giving the effect of sparkly grass and sequin flowers. While the Peppa pig collage was drying and as all the craft things were out we had ago at our own interpretation of Mr Makers newspaper trees!

Newspaper craft project ...........

Taking the discarded old newspaper little E cut it up into different size strips as he is just getting used to using child scissors the pieces were all a bit wobbly and this is perfect for this particular project as i have never seen straight tree branches !!!

Next we arranged the pieces of newspaper in a tree shape on a piece of card again he was quite liberal with the glue which came out the sides of the smaller branches and formed a perfect place to sprinkle glitter that looks like sparkling leaves.

This picture turned out really lovely and next time it rains I'm going to get him making a few more as i think they will look lovely framed in our craft room when that rooms done!

Hope i have inspired you to raid the recycling and see what you can make on a rainy day if you need more convincing here is a few of my old ideas for free craft ideas my old favourite the wallpaper people and washing line art gallery.


Always lovely to hear from you, let me know what you have been up to to entertain the children in the April showers. If  you like me are watching the pennies and in search of savvy ideas for your home and family please feel free to follow me for more ideas xx

Thought of the day.................. It never rains but it pours so keep handy your craft drawers !


  1. OOh what a lovely idea .. I shall use this in my SEN lessons next week x ;-)

    1. Thanyou its great what can be made out of nothing and spark childrens imagination. Hope it goes down well in the lesson xx

  2. We use our recycling stuff to get creative too - you have given me some great ideas there :)

    1. Im always looking for new ways to re use things you will have to share your tips on what you make for free with your gourgous boys xx