Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Listography .......... what i wish for my baby

I love this weeks listography................. Top five things i wish for my baby.

I really should stop calling  him my baby he turns four this year but no matter how old he gets he will always be my baby and like every mother i wish the best for him. So if i could get a fairy godmother to grant him five wishes for his life this is what they would be.

1, Following his heart................ The first thing i wish for him is that he follows his heart and goes for his dreams. I hope he has lots of  self belief to keep going to be what he wants to be and never gives up on what his heart desires or just settles for the easy option.

2. Having fun............ I'm sure if he follows his heart he will automatically have a life filled with fun. I guess what my wish for him here is that he does not get too bogged down with the mundane that he forgets life is for living.

3.Health ............... I hope he is blessed with a long and healthy life.

4. Kindness and compassion ......... I wish him to have good values and morals and show kindness and compassion for others. I would like him to take other peoples feelings into account in everything he does and show compassion to those less fortunate than himself.

5. Love .............  To always feel safe secure and loved and to be loving to others.

I hope the fairy godmother will be kind enough to bestow these gifts on him but just in case she is busy i will do my up most as a parent to point him in the right direction and teach him well .

I hope you enjoyed my list always lovely to hear from you so feel free to comment and if you would like to create your own head on over to katetakes5.

Thought of the day ................Always be my baby!!



  1. What a sweet and beautiful list. I love how you're letting him follow his own path - rather than being specific about the direction you want him to take.
    And I know how you feel about your baby. My youngest is 3 and a half, and he'll always be my baby.

    1. Thankyou xx My mum was the same with me and i have compleatly gone in a different direction than her, she is a maths whizz and im terrible with numbers so i am grateful she let me go my own creative direction.
      Sounds like both of us will be calling our boys my baby when they are 40 bless hehe x