Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A mothers work ..........

I have been tagged by the lovely Mammasaver to complete a mothers work meme, started by mother.wife.me.

It's a opportunity for women to give their personal perspective and experience on modern motherhood.

The rules are as follows:

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Here are the questions and the all important answers

Did you work before becoming a mum...................

Before becoming a mum i worked in retail management specialising in visual merchandising,i loved the creativity of the job although it involved a lot of time away working evenings and weekends opening new shops.

What is your current situation.............

 The moment i became pregnant i knew i had to have a rethink about the work life balance as i wanted to be there as much as possible  for those all important pre school years. Children are small for such a short time and i wanted to be there for those precious moments as much as possible.

 Going back part time to my job was not really an option i would of had to take a step down and a pay cut with the cost of child care it just did not add up.
The cost of living in our area makes it impossible to live on one wage so we have had a complete lifestyle makeover and have become very savvy at living stylishly for less. We have sold our house and are currently doing a renovation project to cut our living costs down.
 I am enjoying making over the house it is keeping my creative skills alive and adding value to our house giving us a safety net.
 I think this is an area i would like to expand further i would like to freelance helping small independent retailers with visual merchandising to increase their sales and homeowners get the best from their homes when it comes to selling. I have taken a Saturday job in estate agency to bring some extra money in and to give my husband a dad day. This has also been a really good move for my sanity as its good to keep a hand in a work environment and get a bit of adult conversation.

Freestyle your chance to put your own view across on the subject................

  I feel i have made the right decision to stay at home as much as possible for the early years although i am nervous about getting back into work once little E is at school. I feel a little afraid that i won't still have the skills i once had or be flexible enough to do the hours needed.  I feel a very different person to the one i was nearly four years ago. These are all fears i am sure i will over come and when the timing is right I'm sure the right opportunities will appear.

That's it from me i shall now hand the baton on to three very lovely mums to complete the challenge  Glasgow mummy  Bizzymum and mygorgeousboys hope you can all join in xx

Thought of the day .................  A mothers work is never done!


  1. Thanks for linking up!

    It's great to hear how you're making your circumstances work for you. Your approach to work/life balance is really creative, and I very much admire it.

    You never know what opportunities will come knocking once school starts, and in the meantime, you're enjoying your home project, life as a mum and getting adult company.

    More power to you!! mammasaver x

    1. I hope your right about opportunities coming knocking as it would be lovely for something good to come out of the creativity of our current situation.
      i think all of us as mums creatively make our circumstances work for us and we are all learning new skills everyday xx

  2. Hello! Thank you so much for taking part in A Mother's Work Meme. I've loved reading your post. I would so love to do what you've done re the house move, the ties of my husband's business keep us in Hackney for the moment, but maybe I can come to you for renovation tips if we manage to untangle ourselves and move!!

    It is always to uplifting to hear of someone making the work / life balance work for them in such a creative way!

    1. Your very welcome it was a great meme really made me think about things. Its definately a relief cutting the morgage down but the renovating with a toddler can be a bit stressful. I hope you find a good balance when you can move and im happy to help with renovating tips xx

  3. Hi... a great post. Thanks for the tag, however, I've already participated in this meme (http://www.glasgowmummy.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/mothers-work-meme.html). Sounds like you have a great balance. Sarah

  4. Hi
    Sorry i re tagged you sometimes difficult to remember who has posted already.I will pop over and read your post xx